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The complete Humblifx Forex trading course is designed to educate students to become self-sufficient regardless of the climate of any economy.


In this course, you will learn, how to setup your Broker and Platform, identically to your mentor Humble.


Understanding related Terms and Core Principles that are not only used for Forex but any asset classes.


Candle Sentiment, Support & Resistance Endzones, Support & Resistance, Market Trend, Weekly Market Trend, Market Structure, Balance vs Imbalance of Supply and Demand zones.

Risk Management

Mastering Risk Management will help with the psychology side of investing, producing precise entries and take profits.


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Humblifx Education

Humblifx is strictly price action trading providing knowledge on other tools very beneficial in your trading, these tools include Fibonacci Retracement, Rsi, Trendlines, Channels and Moving averages. You will also master how to trade the most profitable chart patterns that will not only help you identify market moves and trend reversals but also increase your profit margin. We specialize in market patterns and our own patent time frame analysis that not only help with recognizing range in the market but also helps with decisions on high probability trades. We also provide knowledge about fundamental analysis but our Own Humblifx Full Trading Process is like no other. Our technical analysis and trading strategies will help you start making profits from the Forex market in the shortest possible time.

  • Endzone = Fresh and Maximum Field of Play
  • Support & Resistance = represents structure to help indicates the trend and range
  • Trend = Easy Flow market direction, helps high probability trades
  • Supply and Demand Zones= Perfect entries

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The Convenience and Flexibility of Humblifx education will fit any work schedule and hobbies. By Studying Humblifx education online, you choose your own learning environment that works best for your needs be it your home, the café across the street, traveling , local gym or listening to your instructor lecture as you run on the treadmill. Limitless access for life.

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What students say about us


Brynn Mosley

When it comes to forex, The Humblifx Education is what us traders have been waiting for. This program covers everything from terminologies, live example videos, candlestick patterns etc. This education is fully loaded with well over 200 slides of vital information that are essential for traders to learn in order to be successful in the market. This education not only teaches traders how to trade on different time frames but also provides a very detailed and one of a kind technical analysis on how to enter in trades. The market was not designed for traders to win....but The Humblifx Education was. Thank you, Humblifx. Brynn Mosley Trader


Conte Brandon

The education is very clean cut and straight to the point. It’s clear to see that Humblifx has dedicated a lot of time and effort in providing accurate learning. Each topic is broken down into 4 stages to help you better understand each topic. You’ll 1st receive a Concept example, followed by an example of the process, a Visual example and then a Live example. You’ll also have access and visuals of charts, learn about Trendlines & Reversal Patterns and Risk Management. I’ve obtained years’ worth of trading knowledge in just 5 months. The education is guaranteed to trim at least 2 years off your learning time and help you become a top trader!!


Ayana Pennant

The Humblifx experience has changed my life. From the one on one mentor ship to the live trading with my mentor. This team is the truth and the earning potential is crazy if you follow the education and stay consistent. The education itself is different from any trading education I have seen and it will get you up to par. I love this team and the mentorship. I am rocking with Humblifx for a lifetime. I hope you do too. Come join the team and watch you life change. Humblifx is a lifestyle!


Brandi Harris

I have known DeRehl for over 20 years. One thing that holds true now, as it has since we first met, he is a true servant-leader, who is always ready and dedicated to his profession. He is patient and an excellent influencer. He understands that every mentee is unique and strives to find the best approach for each of us. He will give you over 100% each and every time. I am grateful for crossing paths and witnessing the awesome work that he is doing in peoples lives. His legacy is unfolding before our eyes and one that will cross all bounds! Onward and Upward.